Good Works

Most of us want to do the right thing – to earn a decent living, and spend our hard-earned money where it benefits both ourselves and the folks around us. That’s why we at Artful Productions decided to go out and shoot things – I mean, film the non-human world, and bring it back so other humans can appreciate it. It’s good for us.

That’s also why we’re donating a portion of every sale and rental to a rota of charities. Kitten and puppy films support cat and dog shelters. Outdoor nature-based films support nature charities. Organisations will change throughout the year, so we can spread the support to different regions. After all, we’re all from the same big place even though we’re not all from the same small place.

Any ideas for great organizations to support? Contact us with your suggestions.

See below for our latest charities of choice.

Lakefield Animal Welfare Society

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre



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