It’s Halloween – the Pumpkin Parade

A Parade of Pumpkins

As the Shaggs say, “It’s Halloween!” And what better way to prepare than to partake of a roly poly passel of pumpkin faces on a not-so-quiet post-Halloween eve. Filmed in the funky downtown neighbourhood where Pumpkin Parades originated, there are almost 3,000 pumpkins on display. We gave it the old college try to catch them all, and came close to succeeding.

If you’re looking for some wildly creative ideas to carve into your pumpkin this year, take a look at these ones. There’s hundreds, if not several thousand to choose from…

Kids – how many pumpkins can you count?

Pumpkins On Parade - a Slow TV film as caught by Artful Productions

Pumpkins On Parade


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