Puppy Pandemonium

New release from Artful Productions

The word adorable is much overused these days, but there’s no other way to describe these ridiculously lovable pups.  What we have here is two separate litters of baby spaniels, just eight weeks old.  The day we arrived to film them, they were meeting for the first time.  And did they get on well?  I think they did get on well!  As soon as we put them into their little play area, they were all over each other, their toys, some things that weren’t toys, but hey, and even themselves.  

I found them inspiring, I have to say.  I kept thinking, if it were people doing this to each other this would be a bloodbath!  But the pups are so relaxed, and in spite of all the growling, just so good natured, that nobody gets annoyed, or hurt.  Their curiosity is insatiable, and their sheer joy at being alive is obvious.  They want to nibble the world.  They play, like mad.  

But they’re only little baby puppies, and at some point they have to sleep. And they do sleep, adorably, with no respect for personal space, and no complaint at the indignities visited, literally, upon their heads.  We hope you’ll enjoy our little movie.  If you don’t, you may be Pol Pot.  

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