Welcome to Artful Productions

We show films to our patrons on our Patreon page. If you aren’t¬†familiar with Patreon already, it’s a way for you to own a piece of the action – whether it’s supporting an artist, band, or humble leatherworker, your membership drives their creative process – and in our case, yours too. Many people play slow films in the background while they shape and fire their imaginations, like the heartbeat of mother earth pulsing in time with your endeavours. This applies to everyone from painters to engineers. Doesn’t matter who you are. We all need our creative efforts nurtured, right?

It’s through Patreon that we can fund slow films, and it’s there that you can become part of the cutting edge community of slow enthusiasts, sit in our virtual theatre to watch the latest releases, or peruse the Slow Film library for more. Pop over to see more. In the centuries old tradition, we’d welcome your patronage!

Here on this website you can get a sense of the films you could watch as a member of our community – like an Artful Production warehouse. You’ll see a number of film descriptions on the Slow Films page. These may already be released, or they may include some of the footage ‘in the can,’ (or more accurately, hard drive) waiting for us to wave our post-production fingers at it. Some of them even have trailers, if there’s time to put one together. Making trailers is fun, but not strictly necessary, so they won’t always be an option.

You’ll also notice soundscapes available. Yes, we do audio only pieces as well. Pop over to the Soundscapes page to find them.

We welcome your input for new film ideas. If you don’t see it here, drop us a suggestion and we’ll see if we can make it happen.¬†Thanks for taking the time to wander over here and peruse our humble efforts.

Sparkling sun through early autumnal Muskoka forest - Artful Productions - the Slow TV / Slow Film store

Sparkling sun through early autumnal Muskoka forest